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Women and Snoring: Tips Print E-mail
All women have their little secrets.  It's what makes us so.. "mysterious".  The problem is that some secrets, like snoring, don't stay secret forever.

Couples are supposed to share everything, so sooner or later he's going to find out that you snore.  But if it's any consolation, you're not alone.  By the age of 30, five percent of women snore.  And, by the age of 60, this number hikes to nearly forty percent.

As women age, our bodies naturally change.  Through our forties and fifties, we tend to lose body tone and begin to retain a little more fat.  Consequently, our airways can become flabby or constrict, which leads to a partial collapse and a hearty bout of snoring.

Hormones play a role in snoring, as well.  Low estrogen levels brought about with age can be blamed for the onset of snoring. These estrogen changes can also occur because of a hysterectomy or the onset of menopause.  Physicians believe that a younger woman's higher estrogen levels normally stimulate the muscles and keep them from relaxing.

Shorter, heavier women are more likely to snore than their taller, thinner counterparts.  While men tend to snore when they are just 20 percent overweight, women are typically 30 to 40 percent overweight before they begin snoring.  This is because women have a large airway and a smaller uvula than their male counterparts.   The upside is that women don't snore nearly as loud as men do.  Studies prove it!

Overall, your snoring is no more problematic than you (or your partner) make it out to be.  If you believe that age or hormones are causing your snoring, don't worry about it.  The very fact that you're a woman means that you're intuitive enough to seek out the cause, sensible enough to find a solution, and strong enough to eliminate the problem.

Of course, there are some outside influences that can also bring on a bout of snoring:

*  If you smoke, stop.  It's a filthy habit and makes you age prematurely.
*  Alcohol can bring on snoring, as it relaxes the muscles in your airways. Avoid it.
*  Overweight?  This is another excellent reason to try losing some extra pounds.
*  Don't eat big meals late at night.
*  Avoid milk products close to bed (And yes, that includes that mug of warm milk you enjoy so much).
*  If you're a mouth breather, try to work on sleeping with your mouth closed.  An open mouth is bound to let the snores escape, so try breathing only through your nose.
*  Sleeping pills and tranquilizers will relax your throat muscles and make you snore.
* Instead of sleeping on your back, trying rolling onto your side. This can make a significant difference in the amount that you snore.

If these natural remedies don't do the trick, try using the over-the-counter nasal strips.  They're inexpensive and quite effective.  You can find a way to conquer your snoring and don't worry; it will be our little secret.
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