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Radial Keratotomy Brief Overview Print E-mail
Are you nearsighted? Then radial keratotomy is the laser vision correction that's likely right for you. Radial keratotomy (sometimes referred to as RK) is a common procedure that can be completed in any part of the world. RK is one type of Lasik procedure, but in fact this is likely the most popular type of vision correction used today.

If you are experiencing nearsightedness, this procedure can help you. It's quick and it's easy and usually completely successful. There are a number of incisions made in your eyes to reshape your cornea. The number of incisions is directly related to the severity of the nearsighted from which you suffer.

When these incisions are made, the cornea is reshaped and, thus, the angle at which you see images. Nearsightedness can be treated this way, but not cured. You cannot fully cure vision impairments such as this. You can, however, treat them to the point where they are almost non-existent.

Radial keratotomy is one of the top methods of laser surgery used today. More people experience nearsightedness than any other form of vision impairment. If you're thinking of having this surgery done, many people believe there's only one way to go # with Lasik. As long as you're going through with this type of surgery, you might as well go with the best type of laser in the world.

Put your eyes in the hands of the best say the proponents. Lasik users are the laser professionals. They have at their disposal the most advanced lasers in the world. When you are thinking about laser vision correction surgery, there is no other way to go. RK is just one of the treatments that Lasik excels in.

RK is a very reliable type of vision correction. If you want to see right # right now, then you should consider radial keratotomy.  There's no reason you have to live with poor eyesight any longer.   Of course there are risks, as with any surgical procedure, but these risks are much smaller than you might think.  Talk to your laser surgeon about the potential risks.
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