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Female Hair Loss Print E-mail

If you are a woman, it can be devastating to experience hair loss. Though it is not as well-known or as often discussed as male-pattern baldness, it is a common problem. Hair loss is very common among women and may be attributed to a number of factors. Knowing the reasons for female-pattern hair loss and how to prevent it, will provide you with the necessary tools to understand your hair loss and to locate ways to stop it from occurring.


One of the main causes for women to experience hair loss is estrogen-related. As the production of estrogen in one's body decreases, it causes the other decreases in producing in the body. This happens in the hair and scalp, as well as other places on the body. If you do not have sufficient estrogen in your body, you may expect to experience hair loss resulting from the change. The body will be unable to produce adequate amounts of hormones or the nutrients needed for hair production. Another reason for female-pattern hair loss is related to genetics. If either your mother or father had hair loss or thinning hair, you will be more prone to have hair loss, as well. This will especially be apparent as you age and experience decreased protein production.


Female hair loss may also be attributed to body changes that cause nutrient levels to fluxuate. Usually, a diet that does not have sufficient nutrients will lead to hair loss. A high-protein diet can also cause hair loss, although that would usually be temporary. There are also a number of diseases that women can contract that will cause the problem. If you are noticing excessive, unusual hair loss, you should try to determine why you are losing the hair. You could have an underlying medical condition of which your hair loss is an indication. Often these types of conditions will be temporary and can be remedied by understanding how to change the balance in your body.


There are other factors to consider that many believe lead to hair loss in women. Some people claim that highlighting, coloring your hair, or using large quantities of styling products often causes hair loss. However, this has been proven untrue, as these factors only affect the outer part of the hair. While it may cause ineffectiveness of the hair's own protection, it normally would not affect the roots and any resulting damage will eventually grow out.


If you are a woman and you are experiencing hair loss, you should know that you are not alone. There a variety of factors that cause women to suffer hair loss and lead to thinning hair. If you are suffering hair loss, you have a number of resources to help you determine the root of your problem and find methods to get help before it gets out of control. At the same time, it is important to recognize what is not causally-related to hair loss. This will help you decide how you want to take care of your hair and your health.

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