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Dog and Cat Allergies Overview Print E-mail
Some people cannot have cats or dogs as pets due to their allergies. Pet allergies can be excruciating if you are around animals on a daily basis. There are people who have pet cats or are living with someone who owns a dog and, for someone with allergies, this can be a problem.

When it comes to pet allergies, not all allergies are the same.  There are different aspects to which you might be allergic. Some allergies may be triggered by the inhaling of pet dander and hair. Hair particles are normally found in any pet owners home, especially during time of the year when the animal is shedding. Other allergies are triggered by petting an animal. People with this type of allergy might break out into a rash.

There are medications available to treat allergies. Typically these medicines are given in a pill or cream form. Creams are generally used for those who develop a rash after touching a dog or cat. Pills are prescribed to people who cannot breath when in the presence of animals. It is important to know what kind of allergic symptoms you have, so your doctor can appropriately prescribe medication for your condition.

Normally, if you are allergic to touching an animal, the rash would be limited to your hands. Depending on the severity of your allergy, it is possible to develop hives. It is also possible to suffer an allergy attack and then make oneself even more sick. It is possible to develop a rash, fever, or infection as a result of an allergy. This is the reason it is necessary to try to resist scratching a rash or over-reacting to an attack. It is important to stay calm when having an allergy attack or your symptoms can worsen.

Some of the typical symptoms of an allergy are puffy or watery eyes, sinus problems, and sneezing or coughing. Your breathing may be impaired or affected as well.

Allergies to pet dander are very common among children and adults. More than likely, children who are affected by pet dander allergies will not out grow them and their allergies may even worsen with age. It is important to seek advice from a doctor if you suspect that you have any kind of allergy. A doctor can prescribe medication to make the allergy sufferer more comfortable, alleviate allergy symptoms and relieve allergy-related pain. If you suffer from pet-related allergies, you may want to keep your pills or medication on you at all times. You never know when you will come in contact with an allergen.
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